Monday, 26 May 2014

Back from Germany.

Had a wonderful show in Rheda, Germany this weekend. Plenty of shoppers through the doors and on Saturday my stand looked very depleted rather quickly. The show is so well organised and Barbara and her team are so helpful.Was lovely to catch up with old friends and new. Have a few dolls left from the show, this photo is of the stand at the start of the show. Will be listing any left on Etsy in the next week. New news: I have been asked many times about putting some kind of mark on my dolls for identification and at the show Julie and I found some tiny stamps to be able to do this. So......hopefully any new dolls from now on will have a tiny GK somewhere on them. Will post the first one to show.Jain x


  1. Glad the show went well for you Jain xxx

  2. Thanks Debie. Sorry I was so long replying. Have only just checked blog. Real life has been quite rocky since my return from Germany. xx