Monday, 15 June 2015

The Bohemian bathroom, one step further.....

Have managed to get the mountboard false walls into the bathroom. Amazingly I think I am planning and doing things in the right order! Have used a stencil I brought from Black country miniatures and the walls have been painted in Farrow and Balls Setting plaster. I want it all to have a faded,distressed look so there will be more work to do on the walls.


  1. Hi Jain
    Your bathroom is shaping up nicely! I am looking forward to seeing more :)
    All the best

  2. That is beautiful in it's simplicity. The faded colours look perfect - is it an old shop?

  3. OK, just so you know, I can't read your blog posts. I'm just getting a back background with the photos so I will probably sound like a dill with my previous comment! Anyway, looks great Jain.

  4. Love the stencilling, very pretty..

  5. So sorry have just gone on to the blog and realised I have had lovely comments. Thank you and sorry for not having any further posts. Life has taken over and haven't made an awful lot of progress with the bathroom. Hope I will soon. x